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The Path Forward - HRIA Five Year Action Plan

What We’ve Heard

We’ve heard your feedback at HRIA events, through our Online Town Halls, and in our annual member survey. We know you’re looking for action from HRIA – and better value for your membership.

What We’re Doing – The Path Forward

Your feedback matters. Your concerns and ideas have been rolled into a refreshed business plan – a plan that outlines how we will improve the services you have asked for, and how we will reach the goals you want us to achieve. More professional development opportunities, non-dues revenue streams, improved communication, useful tools, and templates.

Have a look at what we've been working on to incorporate your feedback into our five-year plan and increase the value of your membership:

This is the path you’ve set for us, so we need your feedback to ensure we’re on course.

What’s the Process for The Path Forward?

You took the first step by providing a record amount of feedback. We want you to stay engaged with each new step over the next five years. Let us know how we’re doing, and help us to keep plotting The Path Forward.

HRIA The Path Forward - Process

Take the Next Steps

It's more than words. Two consistent themes in your feedback are raising the profile of our profession and achieving self-regulation for human resources professionals in Alberta. Here's what we're doing to make these projects a reality:

1. Decide on CPHR Alberta

All of our provincial partners in CPHR Canada are working together to achieve a higher profile for the human resources profession. We have the opportunity to amplify this national voice by uniting behind the CPHR name and changing our operating name to CPHR Alberta.

This is not a merger or a step towards a merger. It's a conscious rebranding that allows us to focus our resources on a single message: That Canada's HR professionals are working together to raise the standard for human resources across our country.

Attend one of our in-person or online member meetings to learn more about CPHR Alberta and our business plan:

2. Call on Alberta's Government to Act - Write to Your MLA

The decision on self-regulation is in the hands of the Alberta Government, but that doesn't mean we can't keep the momentum going. Self-regulation is critical to the ongoing evolution of human resources as a key business driver - our application needs your support. We're meeting with MLAs and government contacts all spring to keep this on their radar.

We asked HRIA members to write to their MLAs.

Our campaign was a success. We'll provide a refreshed letter mid-May for our next campaign.